Business Administration

Business Administration

Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA)

The Bachelor  in Business Administration (BBA) is a four-year program that enables our students to grow personally and professionally. The diverse skills and knowledge taught in our DBA program allow our students to make a positive contribution to businesses where they work. We recognize that in order to prepare our students to be the global leaders of tomorrow, they must develop strong communication and leadership skills. To that end, we are dedicated to equipping them with analytical thinking, quantitative reasoning, and long-term planning skills.

At Cyber Institute of Science and Technology, we cultivate a new generation of individuals who have academic strengths across breadth and depth of knowledge, and a strong sense of citizenship.

Opportunities for graduates of the BBA program cover a broad range of professions. They pursue a career in both national and multi-national corporations.

Each year of study will be divided into two semesters. Students are expected to take a minimum of four courses in each semester. Except for Research Methods and Dissertation courses in the final year, the rest of the courses are structured in such a way that semester one courses are not a pre-requisite of semester two courses in each academic year.  The course structure is as outlined below.

Year One

Semester OneSemester Two
Communication SkillsEssentials of Business Law
Principles of EconomicsManagement Theory and Practice
Business Mathematics                                                        Principles of Marketing
Introduction to Information TechnologyFinancial Accounting I
Business Environment                        

Year Two

Semester OneSemester Two
Corporate Finance and Financial ModelingCost and Management Accounting
Quantitative Methods                                            Company Law    
Financial Accounting IIManagement Information Systems
Micro EconomicsIndustrial Attachment

Year Three

Semester OneSemester Two
Research MethodsEntrepreneurship and Innovation                                              
Managerial Economics                                    Investment analysis and Portfolio Management                    
Human Resource Management                                                Operations Research                                                              
 Marketing Research                                                               

Year Four

Semester OneSemester Two
Strategic ManagementFinancial Risk Management                                                   
Organization Theory and Behaviors  International Business                                
Corporate Governance and Business Ethics              Project and Contract Management                                         


To qualify for admission to the BBA degree programme an applicant must have any of the following:

  1. Five credits at ‘O’ Level including English and Mathematics.
  2. Any relevant three year business studies/administration Bachelor from a reputable college or Institute.
  3.  Three ‘A’ level passes including English.

MODE OF STUDY: Full time, Part time and Distance Education

Teaching and learning methods: Lectures and tutorials, Practical classes, Group work, Discussions, Projects and Case Studies


The Distance Learning Department is in charge of running distance learning programmes. Within the department, the Course Manager coordinates these programmes including addressing participants’ queries, complaints, handling coursework flow, remedial teaching, and communication on examination-related issues.
Each module has a module leader whose responsibilities include responding to your queries and feedback through email, phone calls and office visits.   

A student can be awarded a Diploma in Public Administration after completion of 2yrs /4 semesters. The minimum completion time for the programme is four (4) years and the maximum completion time is six (6) years with each year being divided into two semesters. However, the program can be completed in 3yrs under fast track. Students will cover up to a minimum of four modules per semester and a maximum of 6 course units. Retaking any module attracts extra cost.

At the beginning of each Semester, you will  need to register by the Registrar’s Office. You will  be required to visit the Institute for  only three weeks per semester  specially two (2) weeks for the orientation and intensive lectures and the other week for seating for examinations 

Face to Face (Orientation) Session
You will be required to attend a face-to-face orientation and take home a coursework to be submitted online on a stipulated date .   
After the face-to-face session you will attend lectures from the Institute and also using the provided online interactive instructional materials that include ; a module  handbook, recommended reading list and any other relevant literature that may guide you in the learning process.
Examination  Period 
At the end of the semester, you will convene for a period of one week to sit for the end of semester examinations. You will also be provided a copy of the Institute’s Assessment and Examination Regulations and Guidelines. 
Participants will attempt two standard course works, one test and one final examination per module. The coursework will contribute 40% , the test will contribute 10% and the examination 50%to the final examination score.

Bachelors Diplomas Masters